Geyserland Junior Golf Club Launch.

Geyserland Junior Golf Club Launch.

Yjunior-golf-300x231 Geyserland Junior Golf Club, sorry for the delays but we will launch the new Geyserland Junior Golf Club in week three of Term 4. Thats the week of the 30th October.
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Whats different?

  1. We have three courses working together for junior golf. Rotorua Golf Club, Springfield Golf Club and Lakeview Golf Club. Government Gardens will also join once new management take over.
  2. There will be three after School options. Tuesdays at Rotorua, Thursdays at Springfield and Fridays at Lakeview. You choose which one suits best for your child. The same system will be followed week to week but your child can only come to one location each week.
  3. I will be the main coach at Rotorua and Paul Hartstone  will be the main coach at Springfield and Lakeview. Assistant coaches will also help with the coaching.
  4. The groups will be broken into age specific groups from ages 5-18. Likely 3 groups each night. They start at 3.40-4.40pm
  5. Costs are slightly different now. To become a member (1 year) will cost $100 and that will give each member the membership at all three clubs under the GJGC name.
  6. You need to be a member of the club to come to after school classes which per term will cost $50 each. If you buy all 4 terms at once it will cost $150 (one free term).
  7. FREE coaching is available Sundays for those trying the game. These are limited to a certain amount of times a child can attend but is there to grow golf and the membership long term. A time and location still to be determined but will likely rotate between the three main courses.
  8. Members of the club can get their own NZ Golf handicap once they complete the necessary number of cards.
  9. We will run tournaments and events including a championship for this Society.
  10. We will have our own website going soon plus Facebook and Twitter accounts to the kids can post etc (if ok with parents) and we can put things on like cancellations etc.

So there has been a lot going on in regards to developing this model and should be great. All membership and term fees to be paid into a separate account rather than to the pro-shops. Please see below account number if you wish to join. There will be an official registration form to fill out for each child but for now please follow the instructions in the box below.

Anyone curious about the programme, until we get the site up and running have a look at the WJGC site to see the model in action.

We are also looking for sponsors for the society (big and small) to help get it going as we will be relying on grants and help along the way.

Its been a long time in the making but its exciting to finally be so close. Thanks for your patience and lets get these young athletes excited about golf.

Ant Barkley

Ant Barkley
President-Geyserland Junior Golf Club