Hole 1

A user friendly Par 5 to start your round. Downhill and usually downwind to a generous sized green. This is a straight away hole to get you on your way.

PRO’S TIP  Resist the magnet to the right

Hole 2

The longest Par 3. A daunting hole from the blue and white tees as the shot requires a carry over a bush filled donga. Par here is a score to be proud of.

PRO’S TIP  Club up here, it’s further than it looks!

Hole 3

Three well struck shots are required to reach an elevated and sloping green on this Par 5. Be up with your shot onto the green.

PRO’S TIP  Putting up the green is recommended!

Hole 4

The shortest hole on the course but one of the most challenging. Choosing the right club is vital. Tricky when the wind blows!

PRO’S TIP  The green is one club long from front to back.

Hole 5

This Par 4 demands a lengthy and accurate tee shot followed by a well struck approach to reach the green in regulation. Putting from above the hole can be tricky!

PRO’S TIP  Drive to the left side of the fairway!

Hole 6

Hazards on both sides of the fairway on this Par 4 will test your accuracy, as will the second you play to a narrow green at the bottom of the hill. You’ll enjoy the spectacular view, more so when you make a par!

PRO’S TIP  No room for error off the tee, aim slightly left of the large pine tree, if you can’t see the green for your second!

Hole 7

An over the gully dogleg right Par 4 from the blue and white tees, Par 3 from the yellow. From either tee a par is a score to be proud of because this hole will test your judgement and skill.

PRO’S TIP  There is a lot of dead ground in front of the green, be up with your second!

Hole 8

Another challenging Par 4 that requires an accurate tee shot to a tight fairway, then a precisely hit second to an elevated green.

PRO’S TIP  This hole plays longer than the distance on the card!

hole-9 Holes

Hole 9

As for all holes good shots are rewarded, bad ones aren’t. The new layout, put into play in January 2015, has given this very drivable Par 4, 9th hole more need for accuracy, with bunkers both sides of the green, best to land right of centre, but must make the green.

PRO’S TIP  To hit the narrow sloping green you need to position your tee shot in the middle of the fairway!

Hole 10

A Par 4 dog leg left. It demands a tee shot played to the corner of the dog leg, followed by a second to a narrow green bordered by bunkers.

PRO’S TIP  Correct club selection off the tee is vital, your driver may not necessarily be the right club!

Hole 11

 It’s OB all the way down the right side of the fairway on this Par 4 with a wide deep bunker that guards the green.

PRO’S TIP  Putting up the sloping green is recommended!

Hole 12

A short Par 4 that may entice longer hitters to go for the green from the tee. A bunker across the fairway 10 metres shy of a shallow green puts a premium on your approach shot.

PRO’S TIP  A lay up off the tee and a precise pitch sets you up for a birdie!

Hole 13

A lengthy Par 4 featuring a wide fairway and a long narrow green flanked by a bank and bunker. A drive over the marker on the hill will set up your second. A par is a score to be proud of.

PRO’S TIP  Your second shot club selection is vital!

Hole 14

A short uphill Par 3 with tricky pin [position] left and right of the green. Club selection must be spot on to be putting for a birdie.

PRO’S TIP  Pars are hard to come by if you miss the green off the tee!

Hole 15

A Par 5 that invites you to “open your shoulders” as the fairway is generously wide. Long hitters will have a pop at the green with their second. The green is big but it is well known for it’s subtle breaks.

PRO’S TIP  Beware of the wide fairway invitation, it’s a challenge to find a flat lie betwixt tee and green!

Hole 16

This hole has all the features of a great Par 5. Accuracy and length is required off the tee ( easier said than done given the tricky slope of the fairway!) To find the green with your approach means you have to have the right club in your hands. A par here and you’ll be smiling!

PRO’S TIP  You must aim left of the fairway marker with your drive!

Hole 17

Make a Par 3 on this hole and you will have hit a great tee shot over the valley onto the green. Short game wizardry needed if you miss the green!

PRO’S TIP  The prevailing wind makes this hole tricky, so right club selection is vital!

Hole 18

A demanding finishing hole as it’s uphill and almost always into the prevailing wind. A blind second adds to the challenge. Skill is required in reading the subtle breaks in the green.

PRO’S TIP  Second shot must be up. It’s further than you think!